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I Hear What You Say

Darshana Doshi, MACP/MFTI, IMF# 72434.

I am a psychotherapist with a vision to combine my knowledge of psychotherapy and holistic living to assist clients in achieving a balanced life. My passion is using Mindfulness-Based Cognitive therapy( MBCT ) to help individuals, couples and family to overcome anxiety, depression, relationship and parenting issues. I work with couples in various stages of relationship using Emotion Focused Therapy and the Imago and Gottman principles. Additionally, I am a certified Premarital Counselor. As an MFTI, my goal is to help individuals and families to achieve their goals and dreams with a collaborative team work by providing therapy in a safe, non-judgmental environment where clients deal with physical, mental, emotional, spiritual areas of well-being for growth. I assist clients in establishing better communication patterns and developing healthy relationships. My training as a family therapist enables me to provide evaluations and intervention of a broad range of mental health and emotional issues, trauma, anger management, crisis intervention and management, grief & loss counseling, parenting issues, relationship difficulties, divorce, life transitions, stress management and stress reduction, mindfulness and meditation techniques to enhance lifestyle.

On a personal note, I am originally from Mumbai, India and am married to Dr. Sanjay Doshi (Cosmetic Dentist). We have two children and have lived in Diamond Bar for eighteen years. I identify myself as Asian Indian and have an intimate knowledge of different religions and cultures and language practiced there. My ethnic identity of being Indian and also an Indian settled in the U.S has given me the knowledge of two cultures and I believe in the holistic approach that individuals are multidimensional and respecting diversity helps one achieve personal and interpersonal wholeness.