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Let's Talk Therapy

I Hear What You Say


Relationships between family and loved ones should be full of love, respect, trust and support, an equal companionship. No one should feel intimidated by their partner or pressured by violent threats. But every one is aware of this. 

Did you know that domestic violence extends to your mother, father, sister, brother and children. Anyone in your household can create a domestic violence situation. For example, that ex who know longer lives with you but your 10 year old son's behavior is just like his. Your son calls you names and demands things from you, he does not listen to you and he disrupts the household - domestic violence. What about your father who does not hit you mother but everyone is on their pins and needles because they do not want to make him angry because his anger gets out of control to the point where he yells and screams and everyone is afraid of what he is threatening to do.

What about your sister who lives with her boyfriend. Every time he starts drinking she comes to your house with her children to hide from him. During that time your family is stressed until the next day when he is no longer drinking.

Do you feel anxious or nervous when you are around your partner?

Do you watch what you're doing in order to avoid making your partner angry or upset?

Are you afraid of voicing a different opinion than your partner?

Does your partner check up on what you have been doing, and not believe your answers?

Have you stopped seeing your friends or family because of your partner's behavior?

Does your partner threaten to harm you?

Do you feel that nothing you do is ever good enough for your partner?

Does your partner say that if you try to leave, you will never see your children again?

Do you lie to your family and friends about your bruises, cuts and/or scratches?

Does your partner control all the family money?

All of these types of things are considered Domestic Violence. SEEK HELP.